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 Everything for A Jtagged Xbox

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PostSubject: Everything for A Jtagged Xbox   Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:22 pm

iHc_Xbox_360_Full_Release: ?xbvvadjqh4dbnsb

ffViewer: ?b22brj2o8i6ys3a

XeX Loader: 6I8J9OTH


XexTool_v5.2: TC5PP5EQ

NandPro20d: KOHK7XNQ

Linux-Loader: LDKUTLTL

CON-Uncorrupter: 5K4H8XJ4

freeBOOT-0.02: C2YZAZIC

FreeXex QuickBoot V0.2:

QuickBoot allows you to build "short cut" LIVE containers that will allow you to launch applications directly from NXE. 99W5N6TS


Arcade Demo to Full Conversion for Homebrew 360s FMB176QB

MAME 360 For Retail Dash:

- It's based on MAME 0.112 and is fairly easy to keep up-to-date (doesn't need any messing around with like Mameox on the xbox).

- Originally it was based on SDLMAME but I've since ported a 360 specific osd layer (so SDL for the 360 exists - as an aside I also have a port of ScummVM in the works too).

- Mame doesn't include any dynarec cpu emulation on anything other than an x86 platform. So any game that is PSX or N64 based for example doesn't run at all well.

- Most other stuff (that I've tried) runs pretty well.

- At the moment it will only run on 360 dev/debug/test kits. Whether it will ever run on a hacked retail box remains to be seen. RKJ7KQUZ

CONSign: N5307PRX

Xbox Image Browser v1.0:

This application allows file extraction from xbox xdvdfs iso's. JHQNVWIA

360 Menu v3: QD5NKKC4

Flash360 v1:

flasher to overwrite your NAND (like for an XBReboot update) directly from your homebrew Xbox 360!

From the readme/nfo: VWXOIHVN

360 Flash Tool:

This tool will allow you to decrypt and extract various parts of a XBox360 flash dump.

This tool will allow you to decrypt/encrypt and extract various parts of a XBOX360 flash dump and much more!!

The flash is devided into 2 major parts UMSSSKDJ


To help with the future development of a complete replacement solution for the Microsoft dashboard, I'm working on a homebrew intended to be a rather interesting base. E0SVCYO3

NXE God:

Converts NXE installed games to Games on Demand ZXK3OJ9L

QuickBoot 1.2:

Team XeDev released a new version of QuickBoot. QuickBoot allows you to build "short cut" LIVE containers that will allow you to launch applications directly from NXE. BLPL5BWO


Another launcher has been released for homebrew-enabled Xbox360 consoles. TBNHUJC8

X Menu:

Another launcher has been released for homebrew-enabled Xbox360 consoles 8KLC3GBX


For flashing ... GXLWS4Y5


Genesis/Megadrive emulator for homebrew 360: RKTFAKSC

SMS360 Alpha:

Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator port for homebrew Xbox360s UDJW95HV

GUI Format (Format External HDD To FAT32): 24E8B0WZ


God2Iso v1.0.3: 3SS429L7


freeBOOT: F03FI1V6

XBReBoot: I920OHIF


SNES 360:

Emulator nes .. WTFCG2N8

640 SNES Roms:

XeBoy Advance (GBA): FS7TUJU7

XeBoy Advance Roms (GBA):

I'll Add Once I Get Some

Beats Of Rage Xbox 360: CJ8P3Q50


MAME360 For Retail Dash: 942COEPP


Modern Warfare 2:

Patched default_mp.xex

(11/02/2010 Update): JXUNAG2M


Super Jump: B4KEMLU8

Multiple Mods (Xp, Speed, Jump etc): WRF6N9IW

My Custom Code Post: 3008BPOX

All Title's, Emblem's and Challenge's Patch_mp.ff: R0G1S1VY

God Mode, 10th Spinning Emblem,

Unlimted Ammo And All Challenge's: HHTMNA44

Running AC130 Patch_mp.ff: P88ZF0R9

Leaderboards Score Mod (Credit: dboi941): F8XV89P6

Title Update 4: C5X2U82Y

Call Of Duty 4:

My code post(XP, Noclip, UFO, etc): F5RKOXMW

Xp Mod: OUI30OLW

Patched default_mp.xex: 4GZYHVDK

Latest Title Update: 3ZO7LSFC

Halo 3:

Patched default.xex: 1PEQVTRQ

AMD Gaming Custom Maps Only CoDJumper Server:
Xfire: Wiickedneszzx
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Everything for A Jtagged Xbox
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